Pecan Insect Control
Insecticides, pesticides, insect sprays, foggers, and insect traps selected especially for pecan trees and orchards.  We've included several environmentally friendly alternative pest control products for you.
Pecan Pest Control
Products for controlling and repelling birds, squirrels, gophers and moles, deer, rodents, and other predators that attack your pecan crop and cause more damage than insects.
Orchard Weed Control
Herbicides and organic weed killers specially chosen for pecan orchard management.  Choose your herbicide...Round-Up, Burn-Out, Remuda...or check out the Weed Dragon Torch or the Bug Zapper
Pecan Tree Sprayers
We've selected sprayers suited for pecan orchard insecticide and herbicide applications.  Whatever the size of your orchard or your pecan tree, we have the spraying equipment you're looking for.
Pecan Tree Pruning Equipment
A full range of pruning and trimming equipment including shears, loppers, tree saws, chain saws, chippers/shredders, and stump grinders
Pecan Orchard and Farm Equipment
Orchard and Farm Equipment...we've brought together a wide range of pecan orchard maintainence equipment including tractors, fertilizer spreaders, mowers and shredders, augers, wood chippers, and a variety of tractor attachments from plows to blades
Texas Pecan Connection
Your online pecan supply and equipment store.
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Featured Partner
Featured Partner
The Texas Pecan Connection is currently  offering pecan suppliers and equipment dealers the opportunity to list their pecan equipment and supplies on our website.  We also welcome individual pecan growers who may have used pecan equipment and encourage them to advertise on the Texas Pecan website.  You can contact us here for more information and rates.
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